Eat, Darling, Eat is a community of women exploring the mother/daughter relationship through the universal language of food. It’s not about perfect meals (or perfect families) but food is a rich pathway to the unique personalities, different cultures, and fascinating histories. We invite mothers to write about the challenges and pleasures of having a daughter, and daughters to write about Mom (or Mum or Mama), whether she was an omnipresent influence or a photograph in a frame, whether she peeled homegrown apples for homemade pies or considered Sara Lee a close friend. Every woman has a story, and everyone is welcome. Some of the questions here may poke your memory and start you thinking about your own story.

On one of Aimee and Steve's culinary adventures through the boroughs of New York City, beginning with an appetizer of ceviche and ending with a search for the world's fudgiest brownie, the idea for Eat, Darling, Eat was born.

Aimee Lee Ball is an author and journalist writing about health, business, politics, food, travel, and the arts. She has contributed cooking columns to The New York Times Sunday Magazine and has appeared on TV's Food Network. Her books include No Time to Die, a New York Times Notable Book; Cybill Disobedience, a New York Times best-seller; and Changing the Rules, a Best Business Book. She has written for many national publications including The New York Times, Travel & Leisure, New York, GQ, Vogue, Elle, O the Oprah Magazine, National Geographic, Harper’s Bazaar, Departures, Town & Country, 7 Days, Martha Stewart Living, Time Out New York, Manhattan Inc, The Wall Street Journal, Working Woman, and Reader’s Digest. Aimee's home may run out of ink cartridges but never vanilla extract.

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Steve Baum is a filmmaker and award-winning cinematographer whose production credits include “Proof of Innocence" about the Innocence Project (Discovery); “The Pluto Files” based on the book by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (PBS/Nova); “The Physics of the Circus” (New York Times Productions); “Beatlemania” on Broadway; and the documentary "She's Beautiful When She's Angry." His company produced “Salvadorian Salvation” about protecting El Salvador’s children from gang violence. He is the creator of Not For Kids Only, a musical video series. He directed a multi-camera production of Kanze Noh Theater dramas for the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which was presented as a gift to Emperor Akihito during his visit to New York City. Steve treasures his 25-year-old omelet pan.

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