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Sandra Bolton
May 27, 2019
In Whatever...
Write a script? Sure why not. Not just a script a screenplay. I am a late-late bloomer when it comes to screenwriting. My mother always said "age is no barrier when you do something you want to do." She also said "Butter makes everything better" while she drizzled butter on popcorn. We did not live hundreds of miles away from one another we spent time together on a bi-weekly basis, however, she wanted to get a letter in between visits. She would always tell me "don't forget to write I love reading your letters." Now, I realize I was entertaining her with my writing. I was honing my skills due to mother's insistence "don't forget to write." It was a brutal New England winter when my library card was used more in three weeks than it had been used in a year. I emptied the shelves of my local library that had "How To" books on screenwriting. I want to write a screenplay to entertain. A screenplay? Sure why not I like to write. "Age is no barrier." A late- bloom is better than no bloom. At the age of retirement I created three full length screenplays and five shorts. Meanwhile, the short screenplay titled , Now Hiring I wrote, produced and directed. It is a slice of life with a comedic flair that entertains. It is available on DVD. Mother lived to be one hundred years old and her spirit runs through me everyday. "Do something you want to do!"" Don't forget to write!" Never leave the house without make-up." In essence my mother is the director of my life.

Sandra Bolton

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